The Fund

The Ataxia Research Fund has one mission: to raise money for Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) research.

SCA research is still in its infancy. Promising studies are being conducted in some of our finest academic and medical centers (including UCLA, Johns Hopkins, the University of Colorado and the University of Florida), and what these research professionals have, in abundance, is passion and genius.

What they lack is sufficient financial support: last year the nation’s largest Ataxia nonprofit distributed barely more than a million dollars to researchers. While these funds are welcome and useful, they pale in comparison, for instance, to the roughly $5 billion spent on cancer research in the US each year.

SCA doesn’t affect as many people as cancer, but its impact is every bit as significant, and Ataxia is far more widespread than some well-known conditions. For example, Cystic Fibrosis affects approximately a fifth as many Americans as SCA, but it attracts $30 million per year in research funding.

The Ataxia Research Fund strongly supports those working toward cures for major diseases, but we feel those living with (and dying from) SCA also deserve hope, too.

Our mission is simple: we’re here to raise money for SCA research, and we’re structured to be operationally lean so we can funnel as much as possible directly to our nation’s research professionals.

Please visit the Contribute page to learn how you can help.